Friday, 12 February 2016

One Cent Aquaponics

One Cent Aquaponics, a standard sustainable domestic food production model being developed by NARDC in India.  Organic vegetables + Fresh fish!

We have created a dedicated Facebook page (linked below) for development and progress updates of One Cent Aquaponics. If you are an organic vegetable farming and/or fish farming enthusiast, I invite you to LIKE and SHARE its link to your friends. Link is here -

We intend to introduce the One Cent Aquaponics design and details to all participants attending our 18th National Aquaponics Training Workshop scheduled to be on February 20th (English/Hindi) and 21st (Malayalam/Tamil).  Workshop details are here -
You are welcome to attend this event!

Aquaponics is a food production system integrating fish and plants together.  One Cent Aquaponics is a standard domestic model being developed by NARDC (Nanniode Aquaponics Research and Development Center), Nanniode, Kerala, India.  For a family of 8 adults (12-16 children) at a rate of 1 kg fish /adult/week and 2 kg vegetables /adult/week.

Total estimated food production from One Cent Aquaponics:
Fish - 375 to 500 kg per year
Vegetables - 750 to 2000 kg per year

Area required: One Cent (40 square meter)
Annual water requirement: 20 cubic meters; water is reused from 120 to 300 times.

For costs, training and implementation inquiries, please email nardckerala at gmail dot com

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