Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Announcement Ref#: 25012018

Hello all,

We regret to inform everyone that the NARDC Franchise Orientation Training event scheduled to be held on Friday, Jan 26 through Jan 28 at Sholinganaloor, Chennai, is cancelled.  It is mainly due to low registration. We will try this again in May/June 2018.

However, one-on-one training sessions for the confirmed batch of aquaponics franchisees will begin shortly; dates depending on mutual availability of time and the aquaponics sites for practical sessions.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

We appreciate your support.

Kind regards,

Vijayakumar Narayanan

Sunday, 26 November 2017

ANNOUNCEMENT Ref#: 12112017

Old saying: "Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he'll eat until the pond dries up." - Attributed to Lao Tzu -
NARDC's focus: "Give the man a kit to do aquaponics and he can feed a village until the sun don't shine."

FYI.. NARDC is now a private limited company. Working with aquaponics research, development and consulting for over five years, we have learned there is always something new and interesting thing to do. As a social enterprise, we are expanding our existing aquaponics organic farming consulting services, aquaponics integration principles, and aquaponics supplies business models through NARDC's Aquaponics Franchising in 2018.
In case you are interested in starting up an NARDC Aquaponics Franchise unit in your 'district' or your state/country, please write to NARDC with specific questions for more details.
NARDC Aquaponics Franchise offers four business formats.
1. Model 1c - EASY aquaponics education, training workshops, sales of hobby-style food production units; 1 m2 through 10 m2 build area.
2. Model 1b - Backyard agriculture, aquaponics integration, owner-operated subsistence farming, domestic-scale food production units; 10 m2 through 250 m2.
3. Model 1a - commercial aquaponics units; 500 m2 through 1 acre (4000 m2) or above to farmer enterprises.
4. Sales of aquaponics organic farming food products and store supplies.
NARDC's Aquaponics Franchise services include but not limited to,
1. Initial registration of one or more franchisees per 'district', a 'state', or a 'country' depending on size of its population, work load and extended services of your franchise territory.
2. Extensive 3 days of hands-on aquaponics design and technology workshops of various franchise business models at functioning commercial aquaponics sites that matter.
3. Franchise development and extended remote/relevant support during aquaponics project implementations.
4. Continuous education programs, aquaponics organic farming certification, and lifetime online mentoring support to individual aquaponics farmers through AFFA Online platform (aquaponics family farmers association.)
Investments: No carpet office area or a physical supplies store is required for starters. If you are already running a business or has operational experience, that is just great. There will be a one-time franchise registration fee and legal documents, 3% consulting services fee per square meter build area of commercial projects, and an AFFA Online lifetime membership fee by the farmer adapters.
Profits: The expected profit or ROI for NARDC Aquaponics Franchise depends on various factors like the operation costs, management, staffing and other factors. But however, you can expect ROI of 80% to 200% within 12 months.

Batch 1 NARDC Franchise Orientation Training details are here -

Here is a work in progress link - FAQ on FDA.

We look forward to reading an expression of interest email from you and hopefully meeting you at our first batch of franchises scheduled in Jan 26-28 2018.

Email: nardckerala [at] gmail [dot] com.
 To give us a call here is the number, +91 81292 19282

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Friday, 2 December 2016

Thursday, 3 November 2016

DD Malayalam, Krishidarshan on 27/10/16

Here is another video story kindly produced by Krishidarshan, DD Malalayam, on 27/10/2016 about our Nanniode Aquaponics commercial unit. Please have a look at this. 
This program features my brother Jayakrishnan and family who are taking care of Nanniode Aquaponics commercial aquaponics facility. the largest of its kind in India this far.

At Nanniode Aquaponics, we are getting ready for new crops. From a mono crop (tomatoes) trialed in the first season, we are now looking at about 8 different crops at this facility as per local community sale requirement.
More updates will follow.  Your feedback/questions are always welcome.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

NARDC Aquaponics News on Madhyamam Newspaper

Today's Madhyamam newspaper has this feature story on our One Cent Aquaroponics system installed at Edappal, Kerala.  Unit owner is Dr. V K Mohammed Kutty.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

NARDC Aquaponics News on Indian Express: Fishing Big Success in Organic Farming in Palakkad

CLICK the link below to read the story at source.

Friday, 12 February 2016

One Cent Aquaponics

One Cent Aquaponics, a standard sustainable domestic food production model being developed by NARDC in India.  Organic vegetables + Fresh fish!

We have created a dedicated Facebook page (linked below) for development and progress updates of One Cent Aquaponics. If you are an organic vegetable farming and/or fish farming enthusiast, I invite you to LIKE and SHARE its link to your friends. Link is here -

We intend to introduce the One Cent Aquaponics design and details to all participants attending our 18th National Aquaponics Training Workshop scheduled to be on February 20th (English/Hindi) and 21st (Malayalam/Tamil).  Workshop details are here -
You are welcome to attend this event!

Aquaponics is a food production system integrating fish and plants together.  One Cent Aquaponics is a standard domestic model being developed by NARDC (Nanniode Aquaponics Research and Development Center), Nanniode, Kerala, India.  For a family of 8 adults (12-16 children) at a rate of 1 kg fish /adult/week and 2 kg vegetables /adult/week.

Total estimated food production from One Cent Aquaponics:
Fish - 375 to 500 kg per year
Vegetables - 750 to 2000 kg per year

Area required: One Cent (40 square meter)
Annual water requirement: 20 cubic meters; water is reused from 120 to 300 times.

For costs, training and implementation inquiries, please email nardckerala at gmail dot com

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Aquaponics News on Malayala Manorama 23 December 2015

News on Yuvaa Aquaponics Harvest Fest 2015 on Malayala Manorama newspaper today.
Inaugurated by Sree Sreenivasan, very famous cine actor and script writer.  

Consulted and mentored by NARDC, Yuvaa Aquaponics is a bit over 6 months old. This was their first fish harvest. They have been harvesting vegetables for over 4 months.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Testing the waters for gardening

Found this old story that came in The Hindu here..

Thursday, 8 January 2015

NARDC Aquaponics News: The Hindu, Testing the Waters for Gardening

CLICK the below link to read the story at source.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

NARDC Aquaponics News: High-Value Seabass Farming in Aquaponics

CLICK the below link to read the story at source.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

NARDC Aquaponics News on Economic Times

CLICK the below link to read the story at source.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Aquaponics, our way of looking at it

Aquaponics organic farming movement is the combination of aquaculture (farming fish) and hydroponics (growing plants without soil).  It is the practice of using nitrogen rich water that fish are reared in to grow vegetables.

Feed fish.
Fish metabolites remediated by bacteria.
Fish water nourishes plants.
And is recycled.

Two crops from one input.
No effluent (negligible environmental impact).
Productivity six times higher than soil agriculture.
Soil-borne pests, diseases, and weeds are eliminated.
No need for massive pesticide use
No need for chemical fertilizers
Ability to exert greater control over plants ensuring uniform results
Much less water is required than for conventional crop production in the soil
Lower labour requirements
Large plant populations could be grown in very small limited areas.
Accelerated growth
Food crops mature more rapidly and produce greater yields
Quality of most vegetables is better than those of soil-grown vegetables are.
Produce grown aquaponically is found to have a much longer shelf life as well as better keeping qualities.
Areas with little rainfall, poor, or no soil and difficult access were found ideal for aquaponics culture.
New employment opportunities.

About VKN
Vijayakumar Narayanan (vkn) is the founder and director of NARDC (,, an aquaponics farmer based in Nanniode, India, that provides aquaponics on-farm research, information, aquaponics education/national workshops, commercial aquaponics consulting and aquaponics supplies in India.  Much of the NARDCs profits go to help spread aquaponics in India.

VKN is a geek farmer with 20+ years of executive managerial experience working in a variety of roles and as a soldier/educator in Indian Army Educational Corps, he envisions the impact of aquaponics technologies on the future of agriculture, and helps farmers, farming entrepreneurs, government agencies and companies make it a reality.  He also do key-note speaking assignments on the subject of aquaponics.

About NARDC :
We support the development, adoption and implementation of aquaponics organic farming movement in India to benefit the people, environment and economy.  Nanniode Aquaponics Research and Development Center is a self-funded on-farm aquaponics research and development center in India presently focusing and perfecting on mainly three aquaopnics model applications in India.  

1. One cent aquaponics; build area 40 m2 (suitable for self-providing domestic growers, food production for self, family, relatives and friends)
2. Village-scale aquaponics; build area 200-500 m2 (owner-operated basic commercial model, food production for the local community)
3. Commercial aquaponics; build area >= 1000 m2 (for large-scale commercial growers/enterprises)

Join the NARDC campaigns:
1. Grow More Food Locally and Sustainably.
2. Empower a Growing Generation.
3. Create a Successful Aquaponics Farming Community in India.

Creation of a knowledge base of aquaponics in India is part of NARDC's mandate.  Our mission is to teach and educate people in advance technologies on aquaponics for employment generation and sustainable livelihood. Training facilities at the NARDC center are of class, faculty is highly educated and experienced in aquaponics farming for over 5 years.  NARDC organises national level aquaponics design and technology training workshops in India.  For small and marginal farmers it is a regular one day activity. For others, it is being organised one-on-one on commercial lines and on consultation request.  A professional consulting fee is charged for the same.

NARDC has full circle aquaponics technology adaptation and demonstration sites at Nanniode, Palakkad, Kerala, India.  They are working models of sustainable production of plants and fish. NARDC was formally established in June 2013 after several months of trials and experiments since 2012.  As an aquaponics knowledge hub presently in India, NARDC has been functioning as a centre or a local focal point for the exchange of aquaponics knowledge, support, research, development and sharing ideas.  We are on a mission creating easy and cheap way of aquaponics systems affordable to poor and marginal farmers in India.  There are many different aquaponics techniques and designs involving a variety of construction materials and equipment available in the aquaponics world, however NARDC looks at only the ones we have created and tested ourselves at our demo and commercial sites.  We are researching and trying out new things to perfection based on our own on-farm experiments and findings.

CopyLeft policy: Copy the ideas we talk about at your own peril.

Inquiries: Please send them to gmail at nardckerala.
Facebook page to follow -
Facebook group to ask questions -
Aquaponcis supplies:
NARDC Aquaponics News and Project Videos:
AFFA Online education portal (coming soon):


Vijayakumar Narayanan
Independant Aquaponics Consultant
Nanniode Aquqaponics Research and Development Center
+91 81292 19282; +91 4923 232349,